Face Up to Red Tape Execution Issues

  • Cutting Red Tape

The Abbott Government has made a focus of red tape reduction over its early months. That includes Repeal Day, the issue of a new Australian Government Guide to Regulation, and the central website cuttingredtape.gov.au.

These are starts. But red tape and efficiency policies must be executed effectively to be meaningful. Our ¬†experience suggests that without a change to focus on execution issues rather than policies and guidelines, they won’t be.¬†¬†These issues are often overlooked by policymakers and Ministerial Offices distant from department middle management.

We have developed a Whitepaper addressing common execution issues in public sector efficiency and red tape projects, and an Execution Commentary on the new Australian Government Guide to Regulation.

  • Download Whitepaper Execution Issues in Public Sector Efficiency and Red Tape Projects
  • Download Commentary on Australian Government Guide to Regulation 2014.

These papers are informed by our extensive experience delivering public sector efficiency and red tape reduction projects. They are not sales documents, but aim to be a practical contribution to a policy that matters.

They are intended to be practical and do not include footnotes or references. These can be supplied on request.

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