• Implicit KPIs Can Trump Explicit Ones

    What happens if implicit KPIs conflict with explicit ones? Usually, cultural expectations are met, and the formal targets are gamed to appear as though they have been met.

  • If Procedures Contradict Values, They Fail

    Simply because something is written in a policy or procedure doesn’t endow it with magical powers. Recognise what values and humanity require of people, and find another way to your outcome.

  • Budget Cuts: Reducing Red Tape Can Help

    Red tape reduction doesn’t have to slow just because the Federal Budget has cut department spending. In fact, with some understanding of process management, it can help ease the pressure.

  • All Red Tape Burdens Are Not Equal

    The cost estimating models for red tape are deeply flawed, and considering the effects on the the discouraged economic actor will give a far better indication of red tape impacts on people. The Elasticity of Regulatory Demand is a key concept for doing that.

  • When Six Sigma Implementation Goes Wrong

    Six Sigma can be an effective process method. But in the practical world of Six Sigma implementation, oversights can mean both the method and its practitioners can generate exactly the wrong result.

  • Face Up to Red Tape Execution Issues

    Red Tape Repeal Day, the new Australian Government Guide to Regulation, and the new website are starts on red tape reform. But without a change to focus on execution issues rather than policies and guidelines, red tape policies won’t make any lasting difference.

  • Steps to Better Service Delivery in NSW

    There is no basis for claiming government must actually deliver services – only that it ensures they are delivered. The NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal review due in September is a great chance to address long term public sector delivery problems. If only NSW Premier has the guts to sell and then execute the review findings.

  • SOC 3 Reports – Useless Before Useful?

    With the combination of absolute and relative criteria presented in SOC 3 Reports, they run the risk of misleading users. And they could end up useless before they’ve proven useful.