About Rogers Carlisle Consulting

Rogers Carlisle Consulting is a process improvement, productivity, red tape reduction, accountability and risk compliance firm with a Service Organization Control specialty.

These are many applications of the same process, compliance and organizational experience.  They all rely on the same commitment to no-bullshit, get-things-done honesty in process and structure. They all rely on insight into business, compliance frameworks, policy and people.

We recognize that delivery is everything. And that delivery relies on detail. Not reports, not strategies, but hands-on project action. And we help our clients to make that happen reliably, effectively and cheaply.


Rogers Carlisle Principal is James A Falk, a consultant of more than 20 years standing with a unique combination of policy, process, IT, finance, pharma and government experience.

He has consulted at Global Director level for multinationals, and at CEO and Director level in Australia. His portfolio includes productivity and efficiency improvements, project management methods, installation of new compliance frameworks including SOC Reports, supervisor and management training, and public sector cost savings.

He has previously been a Principal in a consultancy with pre-qualified consulting status in the public sector, and has extensive experience in public sector red tape reduction and in policy analysis and commentary.

You can find out more about James at LinkedIn.

Rogers Carlisle Principal James Falk


We believe in doing what matters, not what ticks boxes. We like to bust bullshit, not spin it, so consulting-speak and service platitudes rub us the wrong way.

We believe that the people who get their hands dirty are the people who really change the world.

We believe managements not only have an obligation to taxpayers and shareholders, but to their hard-working staff who often carry a load created by lousy processes and timid decision-making.

And we believe in commitment to our clients, to telling ugly truths no matter how uncomfortable, and to always be willing to change for the better.